When you find that a light bulb has gone out on your vehicle, or any attached part for that matter, you should get it repair right away. Missing a headlight or a break light could create a danger to other motorists on the road and could get you a hefty ticket if you get pulled over.

Fortunately, the repair cost for some of these interior and exterior accessories and lights are fairly minor and don’t need to be switched out too often. For instance, the average lifespan of most light bulbs used in cars is about 5-6 years. In comparison, studies show that people generally own their cars for about the same amount of time; therefore, if you’re lucky you won’t have to change the bulb out during the duration of your ownership.

Some of the aftermarket parts, even the manufacturer-installed accessories, can also cause some trouble from time to time. Some might take this as a sign to get a new vehicle, but most of the time it is a quick and simple repair that can be performed on the spot. If you address these problems as soon as they arise, you might find that you’re able to better retain the value of your vehicle and save yourself some money rather than investing in a new car.

Regardless of the problem, if your lights do go out for any reason or you are experiencing trouble with an exterior or interior accessory, don’t run off to a professional body shop. Hiring a body shop to perform minor repairs can cost you a lot of money in steep labor costs and overpriced parts. Although we aren’t a body shop, we can replace any and all lights or parts required by your vehicle. Our goal is to minimize inconvenience so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits of quality repair at an affordable cost.